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Tracie Collins =

sex doula training

what is a sex doula?

A Sex Doula  is a coach or a healing guide. A Sex Doula is someone that helps one reconnect with themself sexually by walking them through elements and styles of healing around sexual-spiritual health. To regain a sense of newness after a period by feeling disconnected from one's body. A Sex Doula can work with individuals or couples to help guide and strengthen their sexual awareness and gain newfound freedom.  A Sex Doula does not perform intimate acts with clients. However, they provide techniques and avenues to help to facilitate healing around sexual energy.


Krystal Taylor
Tantra Instructor, Certified Yoga Teacher

Tracie Collins
Founder/CEO National Black Doulas Association

training will include

Introduction and Mission

History of the Feminine Define Ancestral Teachings & Practices

Sacral Chakra work in Relation to Sexual Energy

Sex, Relationships, and Families

Sexual Health and Anatomy

Healing the Trauma

Energetic & Spiritual Techniques of Sex

Healing Practices

Setting Up Your Business as a Sex Doulas