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I am Krystal Tantric Yogi

I am a certified Tantra Yoga Instructor, Intimacy Coach, and Content Creator. I am here to help educate and assist raising the collective consciousness through sharing the spiritual context of sacred sexuality in order to heal and make life more pleasurable!

Tantric goddess 101.png

I'm bringing back the orgasmic Tantric ritual course for women!! Do you feel like you are a Tantrika, sensual Goddess, a woman who is highly spiritual and sexual, or want to be? This is the course for you! Awaken your womb and body with the Tantric practice of yoni breathing! Yoni breathing is the first step in sacred sexuality for female bodied people in Tantra. Yoni breathing is a practice of combining vaginal contractions with orgasmic breath work. This course will allow you to: Set a foundation for more advanced Tantra work Improve the physical health of the womb Improve intimacy with yourself and others Build body and sexual confidence Release toxic energy in the womb Connect spiritual and sexual energy And much more This course includes: Weekly guided yoni breathing meditation Weekly group discussions Weekly nude yoga classes All classes will be recorded and be accessible to students during the training.

Services and Content

I offer educational media across several platform as well as yoga, courses, consulting, coaching, and other Tantric related healing modalities to help with raise individual and collective consciousness through the sacred arts.

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